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7 دقيقة وقت القراءة ( 1477 كلمة )

قصيدة مترجمة بالانكليزية / عبد الرزاق العبيدي

تقديم : فوزية موس غانم
عبد الرزاق العبيدي واحد من طلبة كلية الاداب .اكمل دراسته في قسم اللغة الانكليزية –كلية الاداب-جامعة بغداد. يهتم بالترجمة والادب ولديه مشاركات كثيرة في مجال خدمة الانسان والمدافعة عن حقوقه. كتب قصيدته مستاثرا بما راى وشاهد وعاش وعانى من عدوانية داعش وارهابها للانسان وتدميره للقوى الانسانية والبشرية وكرهها للانسان وعملها وفق مبادئ لا تمثل الاسلام واهله. عبرت القصيدة عن معاناة الانسان العراقي والجرائم التي ارتكبها هؤلاء بحق النساء والاطفال والشيوخ والشباب وكيف انهم ملئوا ارض الموصل وغربية العراق بالدم والدمار والخراب. جاءت القصيدة تحمل شعورا انسانيا مخاطبا العالم والحياة ومكثرا بالاستفهامات عسى ان يجد المتكلم وصوته نهاية للاهانات والموت والوحشية ! وكشف عن صراع الانسان تحت سيطرة قوة اقوى منه وتهدف الى تدميره وهو اعزل وبلا سلاح. القصيدة  اشبه بوثيقة تاريخية توثق اقسى اللحظات والايام والشهور التي مرت بها المدن المغتصبة واهلها وما واجههم من موت وظلم وقتل للكل شيء نفيس في وجود الانسان على ارضه . فضلا عن محاكاة الشارع العراقي والمواطن العراقي عن دوره في التخلص من الفساد بكل انواعه السلطويه وفي كل طبقات المجتمع ومؤسساته .

By:AbdulrazzaaqHanooshHameedAlubaidi :

    This is dedicated to the souls my mother & father,
To the souls of my brothers Mazahim, Qassim, who died on the battlefield, and all martyrs !

Who Died on the Battlefield:
So-called ISIS knocked at our door
Our lives changed, it's not normal anymore,
Sleep not, sleep no more!
Sleep not, never sleep anymore!
If sleep, sleep in a nest of flames, and more.
How does ISIS ruin us?
Let me ask you?
Does the devil have a name?
Yes, many !
but the one which exists nowadays :
it's called ISIS !
Dare not ask me why so pale?
ISIS is so fearsome,
Why looking so ill?
ISIS is to blame,
Why so dull?
ISIS is too loathsome,
Why so anarchical?
ISIS is the one toblame!
Why so pale?
ISIS is gruesome,
We will know no a moment's peace no more,
A moment's happiness anymore,
With tear_bathed eyes we smile ,
That the same one who is today happy,
Tomorrow will be unhappy,
Not to mention that the same baby who smiles today,
Tomorrow will be carrying if not dying ,
The same one who is free today,
Tomorrow will be turned into a slave,
Not forgetting that the same one who now has hope ,
Tomorrow will have devastating hopelessness,
        The whole world has reached the lowest depths of miseries,
Feels like gamecock toiling among nasty dogs,
Feels like a worm on a fishhook,
Is going to slide down
and over the edge of oblivion,
I see, but, isn’t true? If one jumps over the edge, one is bound to land somewhere.
Jump not slide, and not over the edge of oblivion ,
Go on , go on , tell me more !
 What more ?
From 2014 you have not been
                                                 As we were ;
You have not seen
                                                  As we saw;
You have not eaten
                                                As we ate;
You have not talked
                                    As we talked;
You have not cried
                             As we give inarticulate cry and cried ;
You have seen democratic liberties,
                                                 As we saw terror in rebellious;
Once more, tell memore ;
Have different opinions, the only thing you see bigotry;
All you can see is violence;
All you can see bullies
You have to pray,
If not, pain and sorrow are here to stay
Pray to-day pray,
For all the world who grieves a day
To-day and everyday pray away,
We have a blast every day,
While you have a party each day
Our hospitals are filled with withering lives,
While your schools filled with smiling faces
We just stop, our lives have frozen in its position,
While yours went to higher position
ISIS on earth do and the only thing they do blood shed;
Their actions let many tears shed,
Bodies are everywhere
ISIS does not care,
Oh, terrorists know no limits,
No colour, no religions,
How is that ?
Tell me more of that !
whatmore !
Just tell me something more !
By now, you should know much more
Baghdad is a beautiful rose,
That  now, and just for now combined a pain of terrorism and corrupted politicians,
Between those are the kindest, genius people ever you could see,
Whose neighbours are trying to rip themapart?
Our martyrs are as many as the stars in the dark sky or more!
As sacred as the stars in the sky !
But to ISIS nothing is sacred even what's above the sky!
Go on, go on , elucidate more !
More !whatmore !
What more would be ?
We have suffered many misfortunes,
Passed through many vicissitudes.
Torture, death, beating and miseries.
Look around all you see is the violence,
All the sights and thesounds
of blood spilled everywhere.
ISIS is a nightmare,
Which includes slaughter and slay,
ISIS should berare,
ISIS mustn’t exist anywhere,
And prosperity everywhere,
For ISIS is a creature of oddwhims
and unsatisfiedtendencies.
How that wouldbe ?
ISIS claimed their holy right to own the earth !
And forever more for truth to stand against ISIS's falsefaith !
ISIS deceivers of the world mind,
ISIS's propaganda. Brutish videos, barbarian thoughts, stingingword,
Like a serpent, magnetized people from far and near, ISIS faketies,
That all filled the world head
With delusions, tricks andlies
The world's head is as a jungle and ISIS is like fire
Burning a lot and leaving many in a scare
The politicians set up that fire in that jungle!
Friends, relatives and neighbours will
   Soon be nomore
Why ? Can't they see! We
are still the same!
ISIS is to blame
We are humans,
They arebeasts,
As other countries should be ashamed
ISIS is a shame
ISIS is toblame
We stood by all, through their
                                                   Trials andills
Seeing what's happening thatkills
Knowing most of the countries stood still that hurts
Our pains grew worse instead of less
Oh Lord, what a mess to be inmore!
The shameful world wants to know ISIS more ,
This same world who cares to_day nomore !
Tomorrow shall be disgraced
Ashamed and even blamed evermore!
It's a beastly shame and even more!
Not for ISIS  the fulfillment of conquering some villages and towns nevermore,
The best of people , evermore,
Victims of fool, corrupted politicians, furthermore
The political parties crush and slay us,
For their vested interests as geckos killflies
As vampires succk and kill the victims
The politicians' hearts are harder than the stone of the Green Zone which they hide behind;
Whose brains are narrower than those of lovers;
Whose hands are steeped in blood;
Whose tongues are like as of fire burst, and it is the tongue of fire that is the cause of alltragedies.
Whose memories are as of the fish , when it comes in keeping promises,
Whose emotions are asice;
Whose heads are filled of cannibalflies,
Murmur and rage all the flies.
Whose faces betrayed a great lack of self-confidence, and ignorance,
Whose hopes are shaped bymercenaries !
Whose cheeks that shake with every movement of theirheads,
Whose eyes are cunning, tiny and bloodshot!
Whose policy is to have scorched-earth.
Whose parliament is a ghoulishreplica.
"They" who have brought the country to this abjectmisery,
Who squeezed us like a lemon "squeezed out " until the world heard the pipesqueak
Who disguise all vices, great and small, in their authority
Who dislike each other with an aciddislike
Who sit straight as an arrow on the point of being shot from the bow
Who are like the great carrion birds, and like great flies occasionally hovering, over the authority
Who are succking the treasure of the country as a vampire succks the blood of victims,
Who provoke the most violent sectarianism in this country.
Who abuse the law that they may enjoy themselves,
Who don’t in the least see the want and misery of others,
because they are free from such anguish !
who are demented with the mania of controlling others.
Who over-indulge in the lusts of the flesh.
Who are ready to listen to any slander,
And quick in avenging an insult with death.
Who are ghouls in morbidly interest in death and disaster.
Who are swearing with every breath;
Who be gilded with wealth, and proof againstjustice.
Who are as the ice-bears hide like a snake when a crisis israised.
Who are holding a knife to poor'sthroats.
Who are all soiled, sordid.
Who are completely incapable of controlling their desires.
Who are feeding peoplelies.
Who never care for any consequences;
As it can crush opponents.
Who get as mad as the angry ocean, madder than a bull in a rodeo, about trivial things,
Who have curious faces, like monkeys'.
Who are hogs in indolence,
Mules in stubbornness,
Cannibal in brutishness,
Who are faithless in heart,
Cats in trust , we would no more trust them than we'd trust a cat not to steal;
Mice in quiet,
Crocodiles in tearful,
Foxes in cunning,
Wolves in greediness,
Dogs in prey; and injustice,
Chameleons in behavior,
Who are like serpents trying to swallow hedgehogs,
Who share not the misery and the hardships of the poor,
        If they do, it would be a wholesome medicine for the poor,
Who let them see that there is no justice amongst the mortals!
Who are afraid of the roar of justice,
Who are kings of chaos,
Who wouldn't rebuild the fences that they had torn down with thepoor.
Who turn a deaf ear when the poor cry.
Who are enjoying a life ,
In which there never the sights,
The struggle and the strife.
Who opened the doors, and window wide,
Let the poor's souls bide ,
Darkly and stilly, for too little freedom,
Who brutally torture the poor greatly ,incessantly,
Who finding themselves by some miracles in the authority,
Who driven the country into a state of horrible misery,
By their own hands and their inability,
Who are secretly despised and openly flattered,
Who are haunted by the evil spirit,
And exact from them what little , kind solution we EXPECT !
And the poor concentrate all,
Their hopes on them, worship them all, love them all !

زمن الصفافير.. / عبد الجبار الحمدي
عن الزميل شامل عبد القادر ..الفنان نصير شمه يشكر ا

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